Not Quite a Cèilidh

NQAC – the annual SPEX of the Anglo-Swedish Society of Gothenburg

2019 Nov 15th

The Pirates of Gothenburg

The Truth behind the Pirates of Gothenburg.

The Anglo-Swedish Society of Gothenburg invited members to an evening of light entertainment about piracy, kidnapping, Danes and other unspeakable things.

The Yorkshire born ex-Royal Navy Captain Thomas Chapman was the most feared pirate in Gothenburg (after Ingela and Lars Gathenhielm of course).

The Lady Elizabeth Norris daughter of Admiral Sir John Norris commander of the British Baltic fleet. This portrait has been stolen by the Danish Vice Admiral Tordenskjöld and he intents to marry her for her £80,000 per year.

This year the Annual Dinner (aka NQAC) – will be celebrating the 300th anniversary of the Golden Age of Gothenburg as the hub of a pirate empire. In 1719 the Swedish and British Governments started to work together to solve the pirate problem in the Baltic and end the great Northern War. In the same year Robinson Crusoe was published. Crusoe is an Anglo-Swedish character not sufficiently celebrated in Sweden. Characters in the play will be Daniel DeFoe, Lord Carteret (the British Ambassador) and of course it would not be a pirate story without Long John Silver himself (although we know him as Long John Sahlgren), women pirates like the cutthroat Mary Read and our own Yorkshire born Gothenburg pirate captain Thomas Chapman will compete to see who can talk most like a pirate.

This strange story of how the British Ambassador met the Pyrates of Gothenburg and defeated the Danes will be performed for one night only on Friday 15th Nov.

The cost is 200:- for Anglo-Swedish /British club members, 300:- for non-members (pieces of eight will be acceptable)

Tickets are going fast so if you want to be in on the grog and the booty put your x on a parchment and send it by bottle (that is to say write an email) to

and set sail for the warm waters of Haga Församlingshem, Haga Östergata 30A.

Another story from the deep and mysterious archives of the Anglo-Swedish Society of Gothenburg.


The truth behind the fiction


‘Not Quite a Cèilidh’ 1918-2018

Lloyd George’s Daughter and the Suffragettes.

The annual Gothenburg Anglo-Swedish dinner and entertainment was held on 12th October.


Resistance with Megan

We celebrated the the 100th anniversary of women getting the vote in the UK; meanwhile in Sweden, a woman’s place was still in the resistance.

The Anglo-Swedish Society’s ‘Not-Quite-a-Ceilidh’ (NQAC) delved into its deep and mysterious archives once more and discovered the little-known visit to Gothenburg of Megan Lloyd George, teenage daughter of the British prime minister, in the year 1918. She becomes radicalised into the women’s movement together with her best

friend, Stina Bildt. They go on a wonderful journey through the suffrage movement of that year, meeting some of the biggest names in the campaign for women’s right to vote. The adventures of Megan Lloyd George came to life in this comic tale as we became politicized and shaken awake. We met the Pankhursts (Sylvia Pankhurst is an old friend of Gothenburg, having been here in 1913), visiting her father and a very sexist Winston Churchill at 10 Downing Street. Finally, Megan traveled to Gothenburg and is swept up in their protest march. Many people at the evening joined the march (indoors). Sashes were worn but no windows were broken; only one suffragette chained herself to the railing. A Woman’s Place is in the Resistance! Venue: Haga Östergata 30B, Göteborg Date: 12th October 17:30 Price: 200:- for members of the Anglo-Swedish or British Clubs. 300:- for non-members. Dress code: Women can wear whatever they want. However, sashes and straw hats were in fashion. Food and wine. Hunger strikers of course may go to the head of the queue. What was this? This was something unique to the Anglo-Swedish Society – it’s not quite a ceilidh and it’s not quite a play, it’s somewhere between the two without the dancing or the Scottish music. It is best characterized as a dramatic reading of a play that illustrates a connection between Britain and Sweden (some connections are real, some are not) using quotations taken out of context and combined with a ‘British sense of humor’ and Göteborgshumor. 

The truth behind the fiction vr6

2018 Per Anger prize goes to Teodora del Carmen Vasquez from El Salvador

********* 2017 *******************

EMMA CNUT bloodaxe_hearts_namesCelebrating the Royal Wedding of the Millenniun – 1017-2017

The marriage of King Canute to Queen Emma was the most significant (and most forgotten) event of English history. 

A Danish King and a Norman Queen created Britain as a one nation state and led to the union of England, Denmark and Norway. A sort of alternative European Union which we will refer to as the DNA union – the union of the Danish, Norman and Anglo-Saxon peoples.  If you call yourself British – what’s your DNA?

Friday 27th Oct 2017  17.30

The most well known story of King Canute and Queen Emma refers to the incident with the waves. Here is Marriott Edgar’s take on the story

The NQaC evening starts with a dramatic reading of The Royal Wedding of 1017, our own play celebrating the 1000th anniversary of the marriage of King Canute and Queen Emma (1017-2017).

This year we will be using the approved Anglo-Swedish DNA testing system to identify the DNA of eight towns in England – just how Viking is England really?

Venue: Haga Östergata 30B, Göteborg
Date: 27th October 18:00
Price: 200:- for members of the Anglo-Swedish or British Clubs. 250:- for non-members.

The wedding list: you may bring presents – Emma asks that you restrict the cost to less than 50 kronor – eg a bar of chocolate nicely wrapped would be appropriate. (The presents will be distributed to the winers of the DNA game. )

To book: Places can be reserved via our GoogleDocs EVENTS PAGE ( or write to

Please join us for the recreation of the Royal Wedding of the Millennium and the DNA testing of England on the 27th October.


 EMMA CNUT islandic_reversed_text

********* 2016 *******************

400th anniversary – To Be or Not To Be Shakespeare
The Anglo-Swedish archives revealed a previously hidden incident in the history of William Shakespeare. It is recorded that as a teenager William was found guilty of poaching in Stratford and his punishment was to work off his sentence by delivering a herd of deer from a Warwickshire estate to Slottskogen in Gothenburg for hunting.

********* 2015 *******************

800th anniversary of the Magna Carta and the trial of King John Was he really as bad as people say? Witnesses for the defence and prosecution were called to testify. – Despite a spirited defence King John was found guilty!


KingJohn Marc MorrisIn a recent book, Marc Morris asks the question “Without King John would there be a Magna Carta?” Perhaps eventually, but if John was not the original cause, he was certainly an accelerant. 

King John Treachery and Tyranny in Medieval England – Paperback: ‎ 400 pages ISBN-10: ‎ 1681772620            ISBN-13: ‎ 978-168177262


********* 2014 *******************

200th anniversary of the publication of Mansfield Park – An evening with Jane Austen
Match making in the early 1800’s.