About us

The Anglo-Swedish Society of Gothenburg has the object of promoting cultural and other connections between English- and Swedish-speaking people. Members of any nationality who share our interests are welcome to join.

The officers of the Society for 2020-2021 elected at the AGM 2020 02 25 are:

  • Chair:         John Chaplin, john.chaplin@angloswedish.se
  • Secretary: Caroline Ashcroft
  • Treasurer: Birger Ekengren, membership@angloswedish.se
  • Committee members: Sharon Abrahamson, Ingmar Heldsdörfer, Shiela Andersson.
  • Proposed Activities to be decided for the new Committee
  • Talks – AngloSwedish Chalmers lectures on topics of scientific interest
  • 100th Anniversary of the Society 10 Oct 2020 – /preparations
  • Family social event – Mingle in the Park Slottskogen 4th July 12:00
  • Christmas Carols vegetarian buffet at Solrosen, with mince pies! St Andrew’s Choir.
  • Book club – ELB(A) English language book club http://www.meetup.com/ELBexA/
  • Theatre visits –  including National Theatre Live
  • Commemorative days- ANZAC Day / Remembrance day

Thank you to our retiring Committee member Keith Barnard for valuable work on the committee over many years.

Bookings to events@angloswedish.se