About us

The Anglo-Swedish Society of Gothenburg has the object of promoting cultural and other connections between English- and Swedish-speaking people. Members of any nationality who share our interests are welcome to join.

The officers of the Society for 2019-2020 elected at the AGM 20190226 are:

  • Chair:         John Chaplin, john.chaplin@angloswedish.se
  • Secretary: Caroline Ashcroft
  • Treasurer: Birger Ekengren, membership@angloswedish.se
  • Committe members: Keith Barnard, Sharon Abrahamson, Ingmar Heldsdörfer, Shiela Andersson.

Activities in a typical year include:

  • An annual gala event usually featuring a literary or historical figure. In 2018, we will commemorate the 100th anniversary of end of WWI and the enfranchisment of (some) women in the  UK and the first and only street demonstration for women’s right to vote in Sweden .
  • Group visits to English-language live theatre in Gothenburg and Live-på-Bio.
  • Guided walks and visits to AngloSwedish places of interest in Gothenburg.
  • The AngloSwedish Chalmers’ lecture and dinner.
  • Christmas vegetarian buffet at Solrosen in Haga, with the St Andrew’s Church Choir.
  • A monthly meeting of the English Language Book Club – ELB(A). http://www.meetup.com/ELBexA/