Not Quite a Ceilidh 2017

EMMA CNUT bloodaxe_hearts_namesCelebrating the Royal Wedding of the Millenniun – 1017

The marriage of King Canute to Queen Emma was the most significant (and most forgotten) event of English history. 

A Danish King and a Norman Queen created Britain as a one nation state and led to the union of England, Denmark and Norway. A sort of alternative European Union which we will refer to as the DNA union – the union of the Danish, Norman and Anglo-Saxon peoples.  If you call yourself British – what’s your DNA?

Friday 27th Oct 2017  17.30

The most well known story of King Canute and Queen Emma refers to the incident with the waves. Here is Marriott Edgar’s take on the story

The NQaC evening starts with a dramatic reading of The Royal Wedding of 1017, our own play celebrating the 1000th anniversary of the marriage of King Canute and Queen Emma (1017-2017).

This year we will be using the approved Anglo-Swedish DNA testing system to identify the DNA of eight towns in England – just how Viking is England really?

Venue: Haga Östergata 30B, Göteborg
Date: 27th October 18:00
Price: 200:- for members of the Anglo-Swedish or British Clubs. 250:- for non-members.

The wedding list: you may bring presents – Emma asks that you restrict the cost to less than 50 kronor – eg a bar of chocolate nicely wrapped would be appropriate. (The presents will be distributed to the winers of the DNA game. )

To book: Places can be reserved via our GoogleDocs EVENTS PAGE ( or write to

Please join us for the recreation of the Royal Wedding of the Millennium and the DNA testing of England on the 27th October.



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