The Bernard Shaw Prize is a triennial award of £2,000 for translations into English of full length Swedish language works of literary merit and general interest.

Named after the author and dramatist, whose Nobel Prize went towards a foundation for ‘the promotion and diffusion of knowledge and appreciation of the literature and art of Sweden in the British Islands’, the prize was  established in 1991 and is generously sponsored by the Anglo-Swedish Literary Foundation and the Embassy of Sweden in London.

The winner of the 2015 prize (presented in 2016) was Thomas Teal for his translation of The Listener by Tove Jansson (Sort of Books).

Sarah Death was commended for her translation of A Brief Stop on the Road From Auschwitz by Goran Rosenberg (Granta).

The 2018 Bernard Shaw prize, presented in 2019, is for translations published between 2015 and 2017.  Entry deadline 28th Feb.


English Language Book Club ELB(A)

The English Language Book Club, ELB(A), meets every third Tuesday of the month. The book club is open to non-ASSG members who want to discuss books in English. We are usually about 10 people.

These are the 8 books chosen for the fifth season (Sept 2017 – May 2018)


Book Review

A photo book by Leif Södergren

A garden in gothenburg

The 83 pages of this book are filled with wonderfull photos of Gothenburg’s Garden Society’s park in the centre of Gothenburg. The photos cover each area of the park in detail. This book is in both English with a Swedish and gives some of the history of the park together with brief descriptions of the hidden corners and delights of a well-kept park in the middle of a big city. Gothenburg’s Garden Society’s park or Trädgårdsförening was started in 1842 and is now one of the best preserved parks dating from that time in Europe.

The Trädgårdsförening is a treasure trove for the botanically inquisitive. Personally I have always been intrigued by the Palm House and I was pleased to read that it was built by a firm from Arbroath, Scotland and that it once was home to a monkey and a speaking parrot. Now-a-days there is only the occasion sparrow.

This book is a celebration of one of the world’s finest botanic gardens. Not only does this book contain some stunning photos but also a ‘largom’ amount of description that keep you reading. This book would be nice souvenir of a stay in Gothenburg and a way of capturing the delights of many visits for people who live here.

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