Anglo-Swedish Chalmers lecture 2019: Quantum technology will it really change our (grandchildren’s) lives?

The Anglo-Swedish annual Chalmers lecture will take place on Tuesday 26 February 2019

AGM agenda 2019

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We have great pleasure in welcoming Göran Wendin, Professor at Chalmers, Microtechnology and Nanoscience, Quantum Technology to talk about his research which deals with Physics of Computing, from quantum computers to biological systems.

Göran Wendin 120530_015_solid-state-wendin

His research has two main goals: (1) to contribute to creating a useful superconducting quantum computer for digital simulation of advanced problems in Chemistry; and (2) to develop educational material to explain how modern physics – including quantum physics – will influence biology, medicine and industry.

Prof. Wendin will give us an introduction to quantum technology.

‘Life will change completely. We will be able to do certain things we could never even dream of before.’

Ny Teknik reported recently that “Europe gets a quantum computer of 100 qubits and Chalmers builds the circuits”

“Med tio miljarder kronor från EU lanseras en enorm europeisk satsning på kvantforskning. Den ska bland annat ska resultera i en kvantdator som både forskare och företag ska få tillgång till inom tre år.”

Date: 26th February

Location: Haga Församlingshem, Haga Östergata 30

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