Lloyd George’s Daughter and the Suffragettes.

This year’s ‘Not Quite a Ceilidh’ 2018

The annual Gothenburg Anglo-Swedish dinner and entertainment was held on 12th October.

Resistance with Megan

We celebrated the the 100th anniversary of women getting the vote in the UK; meanwhile in Sweden, a woman’s place was still in the resistance.

The Anglo-Swedish Society’s ‘Not-Quite-a-Ceilidh’ (NQAC) delved into its deep and mysterious archives once more and discovered the little-known visit to Gothenburg of Megan Lloyd George, teenage daughter of the British prime minister, in the year 1918. She becomes radicalised into the women’s movement together with her best friend, Stina Bildt. They go on a wonderful journey through the suffrage movement of that year, meeting some of the biggest names in the campaign for women’s right to vote.

The adventures of Megan Lloyd George came to life in this comic tale as we became politicized and shaken awake. We met the Pankhursts (Sylvia Pankhurst is an old friend of Gothenburg, having been here in 1913), visiting her father and a very sexist Winston Churchill at 10 Downing Street. Finally, Megan traveled to Gothenburg and is swept up in their protest march. Many people at the evening  joined the march (indoors). Sashes were worn but no windows were broken; only one suffragette chained herself to the railing.

A Woman’s Place is in the Resistance!

Venue: Haga Östergata 30B, Göteborg
Date: 12th October 17:30
Price: 200:- for members of the Anglo-Swedish or British Clubs. 300:- for non-members.

Dress code:  Women can wear whatever they want.  However, sashes and straw hats were in fashion.

Food and wine. Hunger strikers of course may go to the head of the queue.

What was this?  This was something unique to the Anglo-Swedish Society – it’s not quite a ceilidh and it’s not quite a play, it’s somewhere between the two without the dancing or the Scottish music. It is best characterized as a dramatic reading of a play that illustrates a connection between Britain and Sweden (some connections are real, some are not) using quotations taken out of context and combined with a ‘British sense of humor’ and Göteborgshumor.

To book: Places can be reserved by writing to events@angloswedish.se


The truth behind the fiction of Megan and the Suffragettes_2018

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