Lloyd George’s Daughter and the Suffragettes.

Not Quite a Ceilidh 2018

The annual Gothenburg Anglo-Swedish dinner will be held on 12th October.

Resistance with Megan

We celebrate the the 100th anniversary of Women’s suffrage in the UK and the only demonstration for women’s suffrage in Sweden that took place in Gothenburg 1918.

The Anglo-Swedish Not-Quite-a-Ceilidh (NQAC) ensemble will present a dramatic re-enactment of the the adventures of the teenage daughter of the Prime Minister – Megan Lloyd George. From her meeting with the Pankhursts, to 10 Downing St and to leading a choir of women’s voices at Heden at the end of the Gothenburg march.

A Woman’s Place is in the Resistance!

Venue: Haga Östergata 30B, Göteborg
Date: 12th October 17:30
Price: 200:- for members of the Anglo-Swedish or British Clubs. 300:- for non-members.

Dress code:  Women can wear whatever they want!  However, sashes and straw hats are in fashion.

To book: Places can be reserved by writing to events@angloswedish.se

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