Theatre in English – Fri 25 May 19.00

moon is downThe Moon is down
By John Steinbeck performed by Craic! Theatre production

John Steinbeck wrote The Moon is Down in 1942, at the zenith of WWII. He believed that people, essentially, are the same everywhere and that the themes of oppression and resistance are perennial. The play explores the psychological effects of occupation on both the people and their conquerors. The story is testament to Steinbeck’s belief in the importance of each individual: the idea on which democracy is founded. Free people cannot be conquered for long and democracy, like the moon, would only temporarily be down.

Performance date: Friday, the 25th of May at 19:00

Place:  Teaterhuset, Mölndal.

Write to: if you are interested in joining us.   Cost 100:-


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