The Anglo-Swedish Society of Gothenburg was founded in 1920. Our objective is to promote good relations and understanding between Great Britain and Sweden through support for business and cultural exchange.

For more information write to info@angloswedish.se   We can also be found on facebook: AngloSwedish Gothenburg


Membership fee 150:- per year – Please email membership@angloswedish.se with your name, email and postal address and details of your payment to the – Anglo-Swedish Society – , plusgiro 242700-3 Bank Account: Danske Bank 1235-01-06314 Anglo Swedish Society

Proposed Activities for 2019-20

  • Annual Dinner and Performance – aka: ‘Not Quite A Ceilidh’ (NQAQ) continuing the exploration of the historical links (real and imagined) between Sweden and the UK. The theme for 2019 will be – The Yorkshire pirate Thomas Chapman and his role in the rescue of the Admiral’s daughter and the 1719 defence of Gothenburg. A previously untold story from the deep archives of the Anglo-Swedish Society.
  • English language book club – ELB(A) – will meet on the third Tuesday of the month. See below and Meetup site for details
  • Theatre visits – ETN(A) – we will arrange visits to English language and English themed theatre in Gothenburg see the events section for planned events and our Meetup site.
  • A Mingle in the Park. A social event for the whole family – Slottskogen 6th July 12:00 Including an English style treasure hunt with prizes.
  • Talks – Annual Chalmers lecture & BREXIT Town Hall meetings
  • Commemorative days will be supported in association with the Commonwealth War Graves Commission – ANZAC Day / Remembrance day
  • Christmas dinner with carol singing evening following the final Carols service at St Andrew’s English church a week before Christmas. (there will be mince pies!)
  • Planning for the centenary Ball – 100th Anniversary of the Society will be in 2020
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